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What are you here for?
If you landed here, there is a high chance that you are looking for what it takes to learn technical skills in a safe manner. Let's be completely honest with each other, most of you are just looking for the certificates. That's fine with me because once you join the training, you will realise that the training is more valuable than the certificate itself. You can read the students' testimonials to see for yourself.

For now, click on the tab "The Pathway" above to see the various options available.
How to navigate this page
Make sure, you read through all four tabs above. Then, as you scroll down, there will be four additional sections.

The first part, you will see the information for SNAS 1, SNCS 1, SNAS 2, and Intro to rigging on bolted routes followed by testimonials from past participants for each course. These courses are what people start with and hence the detailed information.

After that, there will be a list of the remaining advanced and intermediate courses.

Thirdly, there will be a form to subscribe so that we can email you when the next set of courses are running.

Lastly, there is the gear list for SNCS 1, SNAS 1, and SNAS 2 at the end.
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Personal Equipment needed for SNCS and SNAS courses
The table below shows the minimum equipment each participant needs to have on the below courses.
Equipment List
Sport Climbing Helmet
Sport Climbing Harness
Karabiner x 1
Figure of 8 Descender
Belay Device (NO assisted braking devices such as gri gri)
Prussik Cord - 4(2 for main prussik, 1 for leg prussik , and 1 for french prussik(autoblock))
Extra Karabiner x 6 (Recommended to have at least 2 of them as HMS type Karabiner also known as pear shaped Karabiners)
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